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“Smart Drivel with Jon and Kurt” is an informative, fun, and often ridiculous weekly podcast about culture and society  


A new weekly podcast is gaining traction and buzz for its fresh and fun banter from its two hosts Kurt Schneider, the former CEO of the Harlem Globetrotters, and Jon Ellenthal, the Co-Founder of Upside Business Travel. Dubbed “Smart Drivel,” the clever podcast launched in late March with new episodes slated for release every Monday on all the major podcast platforms including iTunes and Spotify.


“Smart Drivel is equal parts fun, informative, and ridiculous,” said Ellenthal. “We promise the drivel and hope for the smart.”


“Jon and I started Smart Drivel at the urging of our friends and family, who inexplicably saw our potential to make an impact in the podcast universe,” said Schneider. “The response has been overwhelmingly positive. We’ve been told that listening to Smart Drivel is like having a fun conversation with your eccentric uncle.”


In each of the first nine episodes so far, Ellenthal and Schneider spend roughly 20 minutes discussing and debating ambiguous subjects and mostly trying to stay on topic. From pet peeves to the history of pi vs pie to the pros and cons of social media, Smart Drivel probes burning questions about society, culture, entertainment, and a lot more.


Listeners will enjoy the energetic and meandering conversation that easily flows in and out of areas that even surprises the hosts. How else can you bounce from the brilliance of Alka-Seltzer’s “plop-plop-fizz-fizz” to how President Taft started baseball’s tradition of the 7th inning stretch to Emily Post’s rules on passing the salt and the pepper?


Excerpt from Episode 3: The Joy of Sandwiches:


Kurt:    “I feel that sandwiches are the last bastion of creativity.”

Jon:      “The last bastion?  So, artforms, music, performance, none of that is a bastion?

Kurt:    “Look - when you put a banana on a wall and cover it with duct tape and sell it for $120,000 like they did at Art Basel...”

Jon:      “I do think that’s a sign of Armageddon.”


Listeners can subscribe to Smart Drivel wherever podcasts are found, including iTunes, Spotify, and Google. Fans can also follow the show on Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and LinkedIn.


About Kurt Schneider


Kurt Schneider is the former CEO of the Harlem Globetrotters, where he rejuvenated the iconic brand and introduced the organization to a new generation of fans around the world. Since leaving the Globetrotters in 2016, Kurt founded 4D Brands and co-founded Harrumph Entertainment. Previously, he was EVP and Chief Marketing Officer for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).  He loves key lime pie.


About Jon Ellenthal


Jon Ellenthal has 30 years of experience building and leading early-stage companies. He is Co-Founder and Board Member of The Upside Travel Company, the latest travel innovation from Priceline founder Jay Walker. Previously, Jon served as the CEO of Walker Digital and is the Founding Patron and former President of TEDMED. Earlier, Jon was the CEO of Synapse Group, Inc. He hates it when people from other floors come to his floor to use the bathroom.


About Smart Drivel


Smart Drivel is an informative, fun, and often ridiculous weekly podcast about culture and society.  Offering new episodes every Monday, hosts Jon Ellenthal and Kurt Schneider make you feel part of the conversation – one that resembles catching up with your eccentric uncle. Jon and Kurt promise the drivel and hope for the smart. Episodes are available at iTunes and Spotify .


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